Trust Legacy to Handle a Wide Range of Property Services

Complete grounds care services available in Texarkana

Legacy Lawn & Landscape is a full-service grounds care company for commercial properties in Texarkana. You can rely on our professionals to handle a wide range of property services, including commercial irrigation, lawn paint and turf management services. Learn more about our main services below, then contact us at (903) 277-5623 to learn more or to get started with our professionals.

Commercial irrigation services:

Proper irrigation is vital for any sized property. Without proper watering systems (and waterways) set in place, the land around your building could become easily flooded and unhealthy.

Trust the team at Legacy Lawn & Landscape to design, implement and maintain an efficient irrigation system at your commercial property. We’ve helped small businesses, new franchisees and other commercial clients find a valid solution to their irrigation needs.

From French drains to pumps to sprinkler systems, we have the knowledge and equipment to design and install an efficient irrigation system custom fit for your property. Rely on our professionals for commercial irrigation systems in Texarkana, AR today.

Lawn painting services:

Businesses need to look their best all year-round. Mother Nature can take a toll on any lawn, no matter how much treatment goes into the care of a lawn. That’s why Legacy Lawn & Landscape offers a viable and safe solution to any lawn appearance issues.

We can provide eco-friendly lawn painting services for businesses in Texarkana. This safe and effective coat can give your lawn a bright and beautiful green appearance, no matter the season.

Turf management:

Large outdoor surfaces need to have a certain look and feel to be effective. Rely on the professionals at Legacy Lawn & Landscape to fully manage and perfect any field, court, course or other natural/artificial fields in the area.

Legacy has helped many Texarkana clients with turf management on golf courses, football fields, baseball fields and other large properties. While turf management tends to apply to large playing surfaces, we can provide large-scale management for other properties as well.

To begin with any of these services from Legacy Lawn and Landscape, call our professionals today at (903) 277-5623.